City Transportation Oversight Until March 2023

Until the middle of March 2023 and beginning July 1, 2018, there were two transportation oversight committees, the Transportation Policy and Planning Board and the Transportation Commission. They replaced three previous transportation oversight committees. Then, the Transportation Policy and Planning Board ceased to exist. All transportation oversight functions were folded into a somewhat altered  Transportation Commission. This page refers to the situation in 2022 and up to March 16, 2023.


Throughout the study, City Ordinances 33.55 and 33.56 had established two oversight committees for the Department of Transportation, the Transportation Policy and Planning Board and the Transportation Commission. The purpose of the Transportation Policy and Planning Board is to consider and address transportation policy and planning issues pertaining to each element of the city's transportation system, including bicycles; bus, freight, and automobile traffic; parking; pedestrians; street, curb and right-of-way use; transit; and other transportation elements as may be identified by the Common Council by ordinance or resolution. The purpose of the Transportation Commission is to decide in a manner consistent with the transportation policies and plans adopted by the Common Council such transit issues as: 1) Transit service standards; 2) Transit fares; 3) Transit route additions, extensions or contractions; 4) Transit changes in schedules and hours of service; 5) Rules necessary to ensure safety for bus passengers; 6) Regional transit contracts (services and pass programs); 7) Bus routes and stops; 8) Charter service, taxis, limousines, courtesy cars, hotel buses, jitney services hire-and-drive service, ride-sharing, car-sharing, transportation network companies, subscription bus service, park and ride facilities, and any other issues pertaining to the operation of the City's transit and services; 9) Transit for people with disabilities; and 10) Other items referred by the Common Council, Transportation Policy and Planning Board, or Director of Transportation.

In the case of the new network redesign that includes Bus Rapid Transit, the plan first went to the Transportation Policy and Planning Board for the recommendation that it be approved by the Common Council BEFORE an Equity Analysis was performed. After the Council approved the plan, the Transportation Commission had the task of approving the Equity Analysis. It would not go back to the Transportation Policy and Planning Board for ultimate approval and the Board was ended in March of 2023.

Approving Plan by Transportation Policy and Planning Board

May 31,2022 Public Hearing on the Plan

June 6 Meeting Accepting the Plan

Rejecting Substitute Motion to Pause Consideration of Plan   - 13 minute Video Snippet 

The Transportation Policy and Planning Board was abolished in March of 2023 and its functions folded into an altered Transportation Commission.

Approval of the Equity Analysis by Transportation Commission


Sept. 14 Transportation Commission Meeting Addressing Format of Public Hearing

Recording (Video) of Testimony on Item #13 - 14 min. 

Recording (Video) of Decision 9/14/2022 to Make the Public Hearing Virtual - 9 min.

(entire meeting recorded at

Nov. 9 Virtual Public Hearing

Verbal Testimony for Public Hearing on its Adoption Recorded by city in English at  from 1°:18’:02”-3°:17’:44” (for other languages go to

Reported Written Comments for Public Hearing Nov. 9, 2022

Nov. 30 Meeting  Comments on Agenda Items #3&4